How I went from Unemployed > Hired > Promoted > MONEY in the Bank!

"I had to change the way I viewed not getting hired..."


How NOT to be a BROKE Millennial.

Are you a young person and sick of being broke? Here's some truth from a young adult that isn't broke... You want to make quick money?? First of all, just about everything you see on Facebook is a "Get rich quick SCAM." Why would you pay money upfront for a seminar to learn some secret... Continue Reading →

Making Progress in Panama! 

During the recent Christmas holiday I went back to Panama to visit Yessica and her family. For a while we had been talking about getting a farm started, having cows, and utilizing the land as best we can... well, we are definitely starting to do so little by little!  CHICKENS. Yes, chickens We saw an... Continue Reading →

Finishing whats been started. 

With only a few weeks until the end of this semester and deadlines QUICKLY approaching, it seems as if time never stops. Everyone and everything are trying to distract me, but why now? I truly believe the devil always try to disrupt you right before you accomplish something great. He tries to get you off... Continue Reading →

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